At the last minute we decided to have a Kentucky Derby Party at our home. I used Thumtack to find a caterer, several got back to me and I wasnt pleased with what they had to offer us that I almost thought of not having the party, that was until Ron Casterline from Bernwood Called me back! Ron came to our home, and walked us right through the planning process by assessing the amount of room, suggested a menu, and showed us pictures. I was so confident that the party would be a big hit with our friends. The day of the party Ron, servers, bartender arrived promptly, set up, using our kitchen and transformed our home We were now ready to open our doors to our guests and treat them to a fun evening. Ron served one more scrumptious and eye pleasing dish after another. Servers knew how to work the crowd. The kitchen staff cleaned up after themselves and left my kitchen clean. We are so pleased with Ron and his staff that we are throwing a New Years Eve Party, no better way to ring in the New Year than with Bernwood Catering!