Once again, Ron hit it out of the park for us. We hosted 34 people for a rehearsal dinner at our home, complete with table rentals, linens, chairs, dishes, flatware, and of course FOOD. We had beautiful appetizers (the spinach-artichoke spread was not like the usual thick goopy dip..it was fresh, light, and really delicious), tapenade, homemade parmesan crisps (he needs to sell these retail!) and bruschettas, along with little mini-platters of cheeses decorated with vegetable “animals”. Very creative. Buffet consisted of scrumptious stuffed grouper, mushroom risotto, lamb chops, chicken saltimbocca, two salads, and fresh homemade rolls (which all the guests raved about and which I was in error in asking Ron not to make a roll for each person…..we ran out because of my mistake and people complained that I shortchanged them because these rolls are divine!) Ron and his kitchen staff were efficient, professional, and the two servers he brought with him were attractive, thoughtful and well spoken. Dessert was another hit with mini creme-brulees, fruit tarts, & chocolate covered strawberries. We have used Bernwood in the past for a 200-person open house with a complete bar/bartender service, and for a small 30 person dinner which I just bought the prepared food for from Ron and served that myself. He can do anything you like, and he will work with your budget. His clean-up is thorough, which is a big help when you have a house full of guests getting ready for a wedding the next day!